Manx Faeries

Rare Sightings, 
Urban Faeries
and Feral Faeries

These faerey illustrations are based partly on folklore, others on old wives tales, and some on 

stories passed on to me by friends.

These illustrations are available as cards, limited edition prints and special hand-coloured personalised prints.

Blackberry Pudding 

Puiddin Smeragh

When out picking the first of the season's blackberries, always leave a few prime juicy specimens on a leaf to ensure your blackberries remain sweet, plump and juicy.

Mouse-print boots

Bootsyn Cowrey Lugh

If faeries walked around in their normal boots everyone would know where they lived. So out come the mouse-print boots and Sparrow-foot stilts.

Leaf Surfing

Markaight Duillag

In particularly inclement weather, practicising for the annual leaf surfing competition often occurs indoors, hence all those leaves that seem to

randomly collect in your house.

Fuchsia Flower Ball

Daunse Jeirnyn Yee

One of the many 'Getherings' of the year. A splendid swirling bustle of fuchsia flower frocks, frivolity and way too much nectar wine.

Injinagh Sheeley

Even faeries get holes in their socks, it's all the static electricity leaking out of their feet. One sure way of knowing they've been rifling through your drawers - everything is full of static.

Lesser Bearded Clodhopper

From Feral Faeries series

The female of the species

Daisy Picknicker

A 'Picknick Gethering'

A summer picnicking faerey.

This is a hand-coloured version, done 

to order and can be personalised by

adding a name above the faerey hat.

Email me for details and costs.

Gingerbread Races

Ratchyn Arran Jinshar

Faeries like their gingerbread horses empty. Do not bake a gingerbread man on a gingerbread horse - otherwise it's going to get ugly.


from Urban Faeries series

Just chillin'

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